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Metalcore band The Black Dahlia Murder

a subgenre of heavy metal combining various elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk . The name is a portmanteau of the names of the two genres. The term took on its current meaning in the mid-1990s, describing bands such as Earth Crisis , Deadguy and Integrity. The earliest of these groups, Integrity, began performing in 1988. Contemporary practitioners of the genre include Killswitch Engage , Underoath , All That Remains , Trivium , As I Lay Dying , Bullet for My Valentine and The Devil Wears Prada .

Metalcore is distinguished from other fusions between punk and metal by its emphasis on general heavy metal characteristics as well as breakdowns, which are slower, intense passages that are conducive to moshing and hardcore dancing . Sepultura, who has been credited to "lay the foundation" for the genre, and Pantera, who influenced Trivium, Atreyu, Bleeding Through and Unearth, have been influential in the development of metalcore.